Whiplash Exercises

Sufferers of whiplash may benefit from doing a series of mobility exercises to relieve tension and increase physical strength in order to speed up their recovery.

Before doing any of these exercises it is important that you have consulted with your doctor first to make sure that the movement is appropriate for your current condition.

Exercise 1 - Neck Flexion

Stand up straight. Bend your head forwards, not moving your shoulders or any other part of your body, just your head (Move your chin towards your chest). Then lift your head gently backwards, making sure you're facing forward again. Repeat this routine five times.

Exercise 2 - Tilt

Stand up straight, tilt your head backwards so that you are looking up at the ceiling. Slowly move your head back, facing forward again. Repeat this routine five times.

Exercise 3 - Lateral flexion

Stand up straight and look forward. Bend your head sidewards gently, trying to get your right ear to meet with the tip of your right shoulder. Repeat the routine, with the left ear meeting the left tip of the shoulder. Repeat the routine ten times, alternating the right and the left.

Exercise 4 - Rotation

Stand up straight and look forward. Imagine following a horizontal line that goes left, and turn your head slowly to the left. Keep your head at an eye level, then slowly again turn your head back in front. Repeat the step, this time turning your head to the right. Repeat the routine ten times.

Depending on your condition, some of these exercises may not feel comfortable - these exercises can be used in the early stages, provided they are not painful. Some techniques may hurt a little so it is best to either refrain from doing them altogether or make sure that you practice them carefully and gently at first.

Active exercises can start to gently mobilise the neck without overstressing the muscles. Over time, the pain should subside.

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